LOCATION: Denny’s Restaurant in Sparks.

205 E. Nugget Ave.

(775) 352-6305

Closeup Map of our Location




First Nevadan's Toastmaster's Group Picture

First Nevadan’s Toastmaster’s Group Picture




President: Martha Greene (775) 626-3266
VP Membership: Kim Ciesynski  (775) 771-6935
VP Education: Ken Bartlett  (775) 287-3781
VP Public Relations: David Zybert (775) 232-6736
Secretary/Treasurer: Lee Ruff (775) 762-1457
Sergeant at Arms: Jim Dane  (775) 219-7186

First Nevadans Toastmasters is a group dedicated to improving our skills in public speaking and leadership through education and practice.  In our Toastmasters group members have the opportunity to give prepared speeches, impromptu speeches, tell jokes, facilitate meetings, and much more.  The training received through Toastmasters is useful not only in public speaking situations, but in every day life.  It gives confidence and better speaking skills during job interviews, meetings, phone calls, and general conversation. We meet at the Denny’s on Nugget Ave in Sparks, NV each Wednesday for about an hour and a half. We have members from Sparks, Reno, and the surrounding areas.  The best way to learn about Toastmasters is to come to a meeting, so please, come join us!

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